What befell me? I don’t know;

no longer I like to go

with never tiring legs and mind,

in the woods where I did find

inspiration and some rhyme.

At that time!


At that time:

there was counsel on twilight track,

the leafy roof did guard and deck

the path and gave with gentle hand,

a notion how my rhymes to mend.

(Like that line…)


These hours – they are gone and over.

Always glaring sunshine hover,

across the path, exposed and drained.

Gone the green, only a faint

notion of the former life –

nature is easy to deprive.


Gone the volatile, balmy breeze,

the air no longer filtered by trees,

in pieces is torn every word and thought,

my dry throat could express less than naught,

the exposure snatches every word from my face –

I really have to increase my pace.


To escape the bright and draining light,

the being-visible to everyones sight,

to not linger in that forest of stock,

I walked faster, started to jog,

and used furthermore my home

the trees there for my rhymes to roam.


And maybe, maybe in twenty years time,

I will find – again – my rhyme

and may linger between leaf and root

under the canopy of a new wood…


der geschlagene Wald ©Sabine van de Sand, 2016-05-21