Saint Nicholas Walk

TODAY’S WALK, 06. December 2015

Today’s Saint Nicklas, and our aim,
to climb big C was all in vain.
Massive rainfalls yesterday
let our intention sway.
Understandable when I see the once so small
and now imposing waterfall.

So it’s only the normal forest path
where I could see the aftermath
of rain and of the storm as well,
which tried to help by cut down and fell.

But there is hardly any tree
or shrub up there on major C,
that represents a threat. Maybe
you might be able to agree,
that walking in water up to the thigh
or taking a bath in a lake nearby,
or getting a shoe out of muddy moor,
would be the ideal Kneipp-Water-Cure.

But walkers look for a different thrill:
with altitude they get their fill,
with climbing, tackling and gorgeous views,
with outdoor hours and fresh air, that imbues.

And never-the-less I do regret
that today I had no proper chat,
I see the danger for life and for soul –
when wind and water is out of control.
It wouldn’t be the ultimate joy,
when nature with us humans toy!
It’s not some high and difficult ridge,
but only a walk to Blackwater Bridge,
and there on the track – what do I find?
A water-sun, completely out of her mind,
no wind, no rain, just warming air,
and nature: fresh, and clean, and fair.
(C)Sabine van de Sand, 2015-12-06