step by step


Step by step by step by step,
as if emerging from a trap,
as if emerging from a dream
or off a current of a stream,
as if kissed awaken from my sleep
or finally reaching, after a long and steep
climb of a mountain : a valley deep.

Step by step by step by step,
no time for a cat on my lap.
Up in the dark and early morning,
a bit of food and drink and yawning.
Then I am out and on my way,
a lovely start into my day
while earning the first sunshine ray.
Ahead are fading stars and moon,
give way to joyous bird songs soon.

Through the morning, step by step
by step by step – no time for nap.
My shoes giving the only sound
while booting forward on the ground.
I take in all views around:
Of nature manicured by hands
or rather : tractor treated lands.
Of herbs and flowers at the edge –
fresh fennel-buds for me to fetch.
Of chest- and wal- and hazelnut
and almond in abundance, but

Step by step by step – and stop!

My body needs new energy:
from egg, potatoe, cheese and tea,
or salad sponsored meditation,
until I feel some saturation.
My feet get air and elevation –
for just a while, then I move on –
the daily walk is yet not done.

Step by step, with swifty feet
in the early mid-day heat.
The air is ruled by warmth and smell
of pine and cistus, I can tell.
Eucalyptus add its scent,
while yellow solidago bend
over the path as if getting tired
to be – by all the pilgrims – admired.

One more step, then work is done,
giving me inspiration, fun:
Another day where I did hum
the tunes and songs and hymns I know,
which surfaced in a steady flow.
And also thoughts about my life,
that I for HAPPIENESS should strive,
which lies in total satisfaction,
in freedom, love and my own action.

Step by step a truth unfolds;
I found a wisdom which truth holds.
Found answers to questions I didn’t ask,
about inspiration and the difficult task
of controlling my life in every direction;
at the same time and to its utmost perfection,
allowing love to start a-growing
while exactly and entirely knowing
the third party with LOVE and CONTROL
will be PAIN for body and soul!

Another outcome: an apple showed me
where all life comes from: a garden it will be!
TO ACT; NOT TO REACT, you might agree,
will set the most positive enery free!
But that’s not the end of my quest :
LIFE IS NOW AND HERE at its best!
BE NOT AFRAID because you are safe –
that living promise GOD to us gave!
And last but not least:
at any place on earth – and aren’t we all the same?
(C)Sabine van de Sand.2014-10-31